Furrion VISION S Digital Wireless Backup Camera 5" Screen FOS05TASF

$699.99 $633.95
SKU: 2021123881

Product Description:

  • Vehicle Observation System includes one monitor, one rear camera, one interior table stand, and one windshield mount
  • Compatible with RVs, semi-trailers, box trucks, shuttle buses, commuter buses, or tractors
  • Rear backup camera has a 120° view, infrared night vision, 720 x 480 resolution, motion detection, and an IR cut filter
  • Monitor has a 5" display, touch screen with anti-glare, auto-wake up, and assist marker lines to help you easily reverse. The monitor is also 2.4GHz digital wireless and can display up to four camera views
  • The camera is IP65 Waterproof and includes the marker light bracket