Dometic 310 RV Toilet with Spray - Bone 302310183 *Ships Free!

$279.99 $209.97
Brand: Dometic
SKU: 302310183

Color: Bone

Product Description:

Dometic 310 China bowl RV toilet, 302310183 (bone) with hand spray, is the latest innovation in RV toilets. It allows you to save water by targeting specific areas. The foot pedal is one-directional, meaning that a slight pressure adds water to the bowl, and pushing all the way down flushes the toilet.

  • Revolution (TM) 310 Series
  • Permanent; Elongated Seat With 18 Inch Seat Height
  • Pedal Flush Control; PowerFlush ™ For Complete Rinse
  • Bone Ceramic
  • 20 Inch Height x 15 Inch Width x 19 Inch Depth
  • With Hand Sprayer

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