RV Sewer Hose Twist on Safety Dump Valve T58

$42.99 $24.99
Brand: Valterra
SKU: T58

Product Description:  T58

Quick Fix for your RV plumbing dump valve problems with this Twist-on Dump Valve. If you have a remote operated dump valve or just don't want to have the problems or expense of fixing a leaking valve, just twist this on the existing outlet bayonet fitting and go on down the road. 

  • Sewer Waste Valve  T58
  • Waste Valve For RV Black Water System
  • Twist-On/ Handle Actuated; Bayonet
  • 3 Inch Waste Valve
  • With 3 Inch Twist-On Bayonet Fitting
  • With Plastic Handle
  • Without Cap
  • Without Coupler