Smart Tote2 LX 4 wheel Portable Waste Water Tank - 35 gallon

$369.99 $229.97
Brand: Smart Tote
SKU: 40519

Product Description:

Thetford’s new SmartTote2 LX 4-wheel models offer larger capacities and a 5’ sewer hose that remains attached to the tank for faster, more sanitary use. Includes a 90° sewer elbow for convenient emptying, a sewer hose cap for storage and a compartment to neatly contain it all. LX 4-wheel models feature a tow handle with the best maneuverability on the market, a built in AutoStop™ level gauge to prevent messy overfilling and a new large rinse port on top for an easy way to clean out the tank.
  • Portable Waste Holding Tank
  • 35 Gallon Tank
  • 4 Wheel Design
  • With Tow Handle
  • Length: 51.4" 
  • Width: 21.7"
  • Height: 15.4"