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Prime Products was established in the early eighties to supply the RV after market with a wide variety of accessory items. Our roots in the RV industry date back to 1964. We have used our experience and knowledge of this unique market to deliver a broad range of accessory items to the RV enthusiast. Our goal is to continue to serve the RV and automotive markets with new and innovative products.

The improved method for flushing out your black water tank! Allows for the continuous flow of water to your holding tank through the unblocked center of chock. When Johnny Chock is in place there is no need to hold or wedge toilet flush valve with your foot, hands, or a stick. Johnny Chock also assists you when using various toilet rinse tubes to clean holding tank. To use simply open flush valve with hand or foot and place Johnny Chock in toilet bowl where it will keep valve open until you remove it.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows For The Continuous Flow Of Water To Your Holding Tank
  • No Need To Hold Or Wedge Toilet Flush Valve With Your Foot, Hands Or A Stick
  • Made In USA
  • Easy To Install
  • No Supplier Warranty



  • Used For: Continuous Flow Of Water To Holding Tank When Cleaning And Winterizing
  • Type: Valve Opener Type Used Through Toilet
  • Shaft Length: 5 Inch
  • With Shut Off Valve: No
  • With Hose: No
  • With Adapter: No
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 6.50 x 3.50 x 3.00 Inches
  • Alt SKU: 11-0334