7155 Series Power Center Replacement

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Brand: Parallax
SKU: 7155

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The 7155 is a 30 Amp AC power center with a three current stage 55 Amp DC converter. It features solid construction and quality components which stand up to the rigors of RVing. The 7155's distribution panel accommodates a 30 amp main AC circuit breaker, 5 AC branch circuits and 11 DC fuse circuits (circuit breakers and fuses not provided). Reverse polarity and battery fuses are provided. Other features include a steel chassis, ventilated steel door, and fuse clips which withstand jarring and road vibration.

  • Amps: 55 amp
  • Listed: ETL Listed
  • Special Features: 12V DC Loads (up to 11); 120V AC Loads (up to 5); FCC Class B Certified
  • Rated: CTL class 1 listed
  • Series: 7100 Series
  • Type: Power Center
  • Power Converter
  • Converts 105 To 130 Volt AC To 13.6 To 14 Volt DC
  • 55 Amps Continuous Output
  • Without Volt/ Watt Meter
  • Not Remote Compatible
  • 7 Inch Length x 14 Inch Width x 11-3/4 Inch Height
  • With Built-In Battery Charger