Dometic 2 Way Refrigerator Power Control Board Kit 3308741.002

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Brand: Dometic
SKU: 3308741.002

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Compatibility: Dometic RM2607/ NDR1492/ RM1272/ RM2852*/RM2811/ RM3807/ RM2620/ RM2820 Series Refrigerators (List is not complete)
*Please check product number to ensure board will be compatible
Power Mode: 2-Way
With Power Board: Yes

SUPPLIER:           Dometic

NTP PART #:       69-3661

MFR PART #:      3308741.002

Weight: 0.75 lbs

This is a replacement lower control board for select Americana gas absorption refrigerators. The lower control board is the main circuit board on the refrigerator and controls the ignition and operation of the propane and the power to the AC element. This board requires an external igniter for igniting the propane.3

Universal Dometic 2-Way refrigerator board will work on any refrigerator from Dometic that is a two way (propane and electric)


Replaces Dometic Control Boards:

  • 2931842039 (2931842.039)
  • 29322881010 (2932881.010)
  • 2932694017 (2932694.017)
  • 2932695014 (2932695.014)
  • 2932770015 (2932770.015)
  • 3850415013 (3850415.013)
Board Connections

P1: To upper control board, P2: Thermistor, P3: To gas valve/igniter, J1: Positive 12V DC from terminal block, J2: To interior light and climate control, J3: To auxiliary fan (S.) and/or ice maker heat tape, J4: Negative lead from thermocouple, J5: AC line voltage (Black), J6: AC neutral line (White), J7: AC neutral out to AC heater, J8: AC line out to AC heater Switched side, J9: Positive wire from thermocouple, J10: Negative to Chassis ground