FireDisc Deep Pan Cooker - 36" High - Red - TCGFD22HRR

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Brand: FireDisc
SKU: 80-9203

Product Description:

Nothing beats the smell of sizzling, juicy steaks. Except, of course, steaks and veggies being cooked together on your FireDisc Deep 36-Inch Tall Portable Cooker. Thanks to the seasoned effect, the FireDisc's cooking surface actually improves the flavor of your food each time you use it. Cooking on uneven ground? No problem, the FireDisc features an adjustable stand, allowing you to set up a flat cooking surface no matter the terrain. Cleaning takes mere minutes. Once you're finished cooking, simply clean the FireDisc with water and wipe with oil. No need for soap. Unlike a grill, a FireDisc Deep 36-Inch is completely portable and designed to fold up and lay flat, so you can slide it into the back of your trunk, truck or SUV for those hunting, fishing and camping trips. There are no screws, nuts or bolts to worry about. Powder-coated at 450 Degree Fahrenheit, FireDisc stands strong against any kind of outdoor conditions. Hand inspected and made from the highest-quality carbon steel available, the FireDisc Deep comes in your choice of black or red. The FireDisc Deep 36-Inch comes with a 5-year warranty and is designed to last a lifetime. We challenge you to put this cooker to the test, and you'll quickly find it to be the most rugged, easy-to-use and versatile cooker you can find.

The 36" Deep FireDisc Cooker is just 36" inches high with the built in Heat Ring and is powder coated at over 450 degrees. It has a 22" concaved cooking surface so you can boil, fry, sear or simmer and is designed for either large or small propane tanks. The FireDisc Cooker is completely collapsible and portable - built to last with no assembly required.

A flexible stand adapts easily to uneven outdoor surfaces allowing cooks to select their outdoor kitchen location for the view, not the flat ground. Heavy-duty, high content, polished carbon steel is tempered for extreme ductility, hardness, yield strength, and impact resistance.

FireDisc cooking surfaces all offer the same seasoned-effect, much like cast-iron skillets, yielding restaurant quality food that just gets better and better with each and every meal. Cleaning takes a mere minute. FireDisc cooking surfaces can be sprayed off with a hose, dried, and wiped with oil. FireDisc products come with a 5 year limited warranty.
  • Type: Propane
  • Shape: Round
  • Cooking Surface Size: 22 Inch Diameter
  • Overall Height: 36 Inch
  • Finish: Polished
  • Color: Fireman Red
  • Grate Material: Carbon Steel
  • Folds Up And Fits Neatly Into Your Trunk Or Truck Bed
  • Cleanup Is Fast And Easy
  • Hand Inspected And Is Made From The Highest-Quality Carbon Steel Available
  • Mechanically Designed For Ease Of Use, Portability, And To Deliver Restaurant-Quality Results
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty