Neater Feeder

Brand: National
SKU: 67218

Product Description:

The small Neater Feeder Express Mess Proof Pet Feeder is designed for pets 18 pounds and smaller with a shoulder height of 9 inches or less to dine in luxury and comfort. The small Neater Feeder mess proof, kick proof and ant proof pet feeder comes with two 1.5 cup stainless steel bowls. Protects floors and walls with an ingenious design that captures spilled food in an upper containment area and spilled water in a lower catch basin. Small Neater Feeders, like all Neater Feeders, are contoured for your pets dining comfort. This pet feeder will also provide your pets all the benefits of an elevated pet dish, including better digestion and reduced neck strain. Plus, small Neater Feeder Pet Feeders alleviate the stress of having to clean up after your pets' meals.Disassembles for easy cleaning and refilling.