Non-Spill Water Bowl - Beige/Blue/Clear/Pink

$25.99 $19.97

Product Description:

Sippy Pup Non-Spill Water and Food Bowl

by Hounds of America, Inc.

Icon_House Won’t spill, tip or slide if kicked & reduces slobber outside of the bowl, Helps keep long ears & beards out of the water.
Icon_RV Won’t spill, splash or slide when turning, starting, stopping or going over bumps.
Icon_Boat Won’t spill when rocking & rolling in waves at sea or sitting at dock.
Icon_Dog Slows down aggressive eaters.
  • The Sippy Pup has an innovative curved designed lid that keeps the food and water off the floor and in the bowl.
  • Removable lid for easy cleaning.
  • Dish washer safe.
  • BPA Free
  • DIMENSIONS 1.0 x 1.0 x .333 in