Patriot II Braking System - Blue Ox BRK2016

$1,599.99 $1,299.99
Brand: Blue Ox
SKU: BRK2016

Product Description:

The Patriot™ works for your motorhome and tow car by safely bringing it to a smooth stop with proportional braking. No more wires - Monitor all brake functions or manually apply brakes from the comfort of the driver’s seat through a wireless remote control. This remote continuously communicates with the braking system. No more power concerns - The built-in battery ensures power is always available to the brake. No more mess - By using an electric cylinder there are no air pumps, storage tanks or hoses; therefore there is no chance for leaking and greatly reduces the power required.
Type: Portable Proportional System
Display Type: LED
Includes Break Away System: Yes
  • All Electric! No Pump, Tank, Or Air Hoses To Leak
  • No Slamming Of The Brake, Moves Smoothly And Proportionally
  • Adjusts The Amount Of Braking From Coach
  • Manually Apply Brakes From Coach With Wireless Remote
  • Built-In Battery
  • LED Display On Both The Brake And Remote Control
  • Convenient Carrying Handle
  • Easy Self-Calibration With The Push Of One Button
  • Wrap Around Cleat On Side For Safe Storage Of Plug Wiring
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

Compatible with hybrids

All electric

Moves smoothly

Break Away standard

Electric actuator

Product Features

  • All electric
  • Faster response braking time
  • Works on all vehicles, including hybrids
  • Super capacitor lifetime battery
  • In-coach controller with extended RF range
  • Lightweight
  • Break-away included
  • Two year warranty