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Professional LP/CO Alarm - Flush Mount - Brown - 70-742-P-BR *Alternatives Available in Desc

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The 70-742-P-BR has been discontinued. The same detector is available in Black and/or White. The link to the alternatives is below:

70-742-P-BL - Professional LP/CO Alarm - Flush Mount - Black

70-742-P-WT - Professional LP/CO Alarm - Flush Mount - White

The 70-742-P-BR SAFE-T-ALERT™ 70 Series combination CO / Gas Alarm is an alarm that combines into a single compact system, a powerful alarm that detects both Carbon Monoxide (CO) and explosive gases Propane (LPG) and Methane(Natural Gas). The 70 Series uses the latest microprocessor technology combined with two electronic self-cleaning sensors that operate independently of each other. The combined unit can detect both CO and explosive gases simultaneously. This detector is UL Listed as a CO Propane and Methane (Natural Gas)detector for RV use. Safe-T-Alert offers your family double the protection with their Dual Carbon Monoxide and LP Gas Detector. This single unit will alert you to both unsafe levels of both CO and LP gases. Now you can defend against 2 threats instead of just 1.
    • Carbon Monoxide/ Propane Leak Detector
    • Safe-T-Alert (TM)
    • Detects Both LP And CO Gas
    • Alerts To Leak With Beeping 
    • Without Digital Display
    • Flush Mount
    • 12 Volt DC Hardwire
    • Brown