SnapJack 2500 2-Pack SJ2500

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Brand: Snap Pad
SKU: SJ2500

Product Description: SJ2500

The Ultimate Scissor Jack Upgrade

Now you can take your leveling setup from average to awesome. SnapJack™ 2500 is a scissor jack adapter kit that replaces your standard foot with a premium, custom-made metal jack and a pre-installed SnapPad. Don't worry, your kit also comes with the all hardware you need to (easily) make the swap. 

Expand your footprint by at least 61% (and up to 219%) over your factory bowtie foot and get all of the classic SnapPad benefits for your rig - more stability, more convenience, more grip, and less shifting or sinking on uncertain terrain.   

Upgrade your scissor jacks with some new "stylish shoes" and make setting up safer and easier than ever before.

  • Works with most 2500 lbs rated scissor jacks
  • Increased surface area of at least 61% and up to 219%
  • SnapPad made from American recycled rubber
  • Custom metal jack foot made in the USA


  • For 2500 lbs weight-rated scissor jacks
  • Shake tested by a third party lab to military standards (MIL-STD-810H)
  • Total assembly weight: 3.79lbs lbs per foot, 7.58 lbs per 2-pack
  • Metal foot: 3/16" steel, tuxedo black powder coat, 5.5" diameter 
  • SnapPad: L Pad (Mini 5) 
  • 7.25” total width
  • Metric class 8.8, nylon-insert-locknut, M8x1.25, black
  • Metric class 8.8, steel hex head screw/bolt, M8x1.25, partially-threaded, 65mm, black
  • Increase in contact surface area: +61.46% (flat foot bowtie foot), +219.66% (regular bowtie foot)