SnapJack 5000 2-Pack SJ5000

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Brand: Snap Pad
SKU: SJ5000

Product Description: SJ5000

The Ultimate Scissor Jack Upgrade

Since we launched our first SnapPad, RVers have asked us for a SnapPad solution for scissor jack levelers. After years of development, we're excited to present SnapJack™; a complete SnapPad adapter kit. With a premium, custom metal foot, a pre-installed SnapPad, and all the hardware you need to make the switch, SnapJack™ will take your scissor jack from average to awesome. 

More grip, less slip. With an increase in ground contact surface area of at least 89% (and up to 274%), SnapJack 5000 will improve stability, decrease sinkage, and make your setup quicker and more convenient.  

Get your scissor jacks a new set of stylish shoes and experience the benefits of SnapPad.

  • Works with most 5000 & 7500 lbs. rated scissor jacks
  • Increased surface area of at least 89% and up to 279%
  • SnapPad made from American recycled rubber
  • Custom metal jack foot made in the USA


  • For 5000 lbs and 7500 lbs weight-rated scissor jacks
  • Shake tested by a third party lab to military standards (MIL-STD-810H)
  • Total assembly weight: 5.4 lbs per foot, 10.8 lbs per 2-pack
  • Metal foot: 1/4" steel, tuxedo black powder coat, 5.5" X 5.5"
  • SnapPad: O Pad (Mini Square 5)
  • 8.15” total width
  • Metric class 8.8, nylon-insert-locknut, M10x1.5, black
  • Metric class 8.8, steel hex head screw/bolt, M10x1.5, partially-threaded, 70mm, black
  • Increase in contact surface area: +89.98% (vs. flat foot bowtie), +274.12% (vs. regular bowtie)