Spaceport Ceiling Vent - White A10-3357VP

Brand: NTP
SKU: A10-3357VP

Product Description:

Now you can get Out-of-This-World air flow control for your RV’s ducted A/C system. Designed as the next generation of the popular “Aireport” vents used in the ceilings of most RV’s, the “Spaceport” opens, closes, and rotates for the ultimate in comfort control. Utilizing a unique flush mount automotive design, the “Spaceport” is the first vent in which no part ever extends below ceiling level. Perfect in new RV’s, the “Spaceport” may be installed as an upgrade for your existing “Aireport” vents although a slight enlargement of the ceiling hole will be required. Your inner space needs the best possible A/C circulation control available. Move up to a level of style and versatility never before possible with the “Spaceport”.

  • Heating/ Cooling Register
  • Round
  • 6-1/2 Inch Diameter
  • White
  • Plastic