Why an RV Surge Protector Is an Absolute Necessity

Why an RV Surge Protector Is an Absolute Necessity

February 23, 2024

Whether you’re on a quick weekend trip or a longer excursion, it’s vital for your RV’s electrical system to operate properly in order to keep you comfortable. These components power the appliances and utilities you use, as well as the devices that manage your entertainment while you’re on the road. As such, keeping them protected from unexpected surges is crucial. But if you need a bit more convincing, we’ll dive further into why an RV surge protector isn’t just a luxury but an absolute necessity.

Guards Against Electrical System Damage

First and foremost, an RV surge protector is specially designed to protect your vehicle’s internal electrical system from sudden power surges and spikes. These surges can occur due to various reasons, from lightning strikes nearby to fluctuations in power supply at campgrounds or RV parks. While your RV’s internal systems can handle some level of variability in the power supply, severe surges can inflict significant damage, potentially affecting the vehicle’s ability to operate at all.

Protects Your Appliances

Surge protectors also help guard the appliances hooked up to your RV’s electrical system. Think about all the electrical appliances in your RV—your air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, laptops, and TVs. Replacing or repairing these items due to electrical damage can be costly. An RV surge protector functions as a shield, absorbing the brunt of electrical anomalies before they reach your RV’s sensitive electronics, thus safeguarding your investments.

Provides Safety for You and Others

Beyond protecting your devices, an RV surge protector is crucial for your personal safety and that of your fellow travelers. It provides a reliable ground connection, which is vital for preventing electric shocks and other hazards. Moreover, many surge protectors come with advanced features, such as fault detection for campground wiring problems. This capability not only protects your RV but also serves as a safety check for other campers who may use the same power pedestal after you.

Offers Long-Term Viability and Maintenance Savings

Another reason why an RV surge protector is an absolute necessity is that it reduces your need for ongoing maintenance. By using a surge protector, you’re not just avoiding immediate repair and replacement costs; you’re also extending the lifespan of your RV’s electrical components. This, in turn, reduces the need for frequent and expensive maintenance, contributing to significant long-term savings.

An RV surge protector is a crucial accessory for protecting your RV, your personal safety, and your budget. While it may seem like a small investment compared to the overall cost of your RV, its benefits, especially in the event of an electrical surge, make it one of the most crucial tools in your RV kit.

At United RV Center, we make it a point to carry several types of RV surge protection, allowing you to find the right match for your specific system. Before your next trip, check out our selection and ensure you make this essential upgrade.