RV Furnaces and Furnace Parts

Winter is just around the corner, and with it comes the cold weather that can put a damper on your travels. At United RV, we offer a range of RV furnaces designed to keep you warm and cozy when temperatures drop. Is your old furnace no longer cutting it? Our replacement RV furnaces offer an easy and affordable way to bring your camper up to date with efficient and modern heating options. Your adventures should be warm and memorable, not cold and uncomfortable. United RV's camper furnaces will withstand the toughest of conditions, providing consistent and reliable heating throughout your RV. With our camper furnaces, you can brave the cold with confidence and enjoy your time on the road. Don't let the cold hold you back from exploring! Purchase an RV furnace from United RV to experience the warmth, comfort, and reliability of our heating solutions.

Suburban Furnace Core Fit Chart click here

SF-35VHFQ Suburban Furnace 35K BTU 2587A
$1,699.99 $879.99
SF-42VHFQ Suburban Furnace 42K BTU 2591A
$1,799.99 $999.99