RV Power Converter

Many RVs and camper trailers use a power converter to operate the lights, refrigerator, vent fans, and perhaps the thermostat on the heating system. The converter uses the 110-volt AC power from the local power source and transforms it into the 12-volt DC these items require. Choose from a wide variety of power converters by WFCO, Progressive Dynamics, and Parallax Power Supply.
WFCO Main Board Assemblies - 45 Amp - WF-8945-MBA
SKU: WF-8945-MBA/19-0600
$232.99 $179.99
ATS301 Transfer Switch - 30A
$129.99 $71.97
ATS503 Transfer Switch - 50A
$477.59 $228.97
Basic Remote Panel - Freedom 458 - 84-2056-01
SKU: 84-2056-01/69-8106
$169.99 $149.99