RV Refrigerators

During long trips, you need access to refreshing drinks and nutritious food to keep you fueled. An RV refrigerator will keep your consumables cool and fresh, so you always have something delicious to eat and drink on the road.

At United RV, you'll find a wide selection of RV refrigerators for sale. We have models from trusted brands like Dometic and Norcold available. These refrigerators come in two sizes: 6 cubic ft and 8 cubic ft. They have plenty of storage space, so you can keep all your favorites ice-cold and ready for your next snack break or mealtime.

Dometic 4.8 cu ft Absorption Refrigerator RML8330
SKU: RML8330 $99.00 Freight
$2,299.99 $1,699.99
DM2672 Dometic RV Refrigerator - Americana II
SKU: DM2672 $99 Freight
$2,599.99 $1,874.99
DM2872 Dometic RV Refrigerator Americana II
SKU: DM2872 $99 Freight
$2,899.99 $2,099.99
Dometic 8 Cu. Ft. 12 Volt DC Refrigerator DMC4081
SKU: DMC4081 $99 Freight
$1,499.99 $1,159.99
Dometic 10 Cu. Ft. 12 Volt DC Refrigerator DMC4101
SKU: DMC4101 $99 Freight
$1,999.99 $1,459.99
Norcold Polar Refrigerator - 7 Cubic Foot - N7XF
SKU: N7XF $99 Freight
$2,299.99 $1,899.99
Norcold Polar Refrigerator - 8 Cubic Foot - N8XF
SKU: N8XF $99 Freight
$2,499.99 $1,799.99
1210 Norcold Refrigerator without Icemaker 12 Cu. Ft.
SKU: 1210 $99 Freight
$4,999.99 $4,646.78