RV Water Heaters

When it comes to RV water heaters, reliability and efficiency are essential. That's why United RV offers a range of high-quality RV electric water heaters to keep you comfortable on your adventures. Stay warm and enjoy consistently hot water during your travels—you deserve it! Our selection of camper water heaters boasts state-of-the-art features designed to help you enjoy a flawless experience on the road.

United RV stands out with eco-friendly and efficient water heaters that deliver a consistent flow of hot water while ensuring durability for long-lasting performance on the road. Don't let faulty water heaters dampen your adventure; choose United RV to guarantee a comfortable journey with top-quality RV water heaters.

Suburban: SW=Suburban Water Heater, D=DSI, E=110V Electric, L=Relay, M=Heat Exchange, P=Pilot

Atwood/Dometic: G= Gas, C=Combo (Gas & 110V), E=DSI, No E = Pilot Model, H= Heat Exchange,              First Number in Model Number 6 or 10 = Gallon, Last Number=Series, A=No Meaning