Advent Ducted Ceiling Assembly with FlashFreeze - ACRG15

$209.99 $169.99


Product Description:  ACRG15

ASA Electronics is proud to bring an innovative new cooling solution to the RV air-conditioning market with the Advent Air Conditioner Ceiling Assembly ducted ceiling assembly with flash freeze. The system’s flash freeze capabilities work by allowing direct airflow from the upper unit to flow in a downward motion into the RV living area. Campers will experience a shower of refreshing crisp air that will swiftly radiate down to cool their RV. The improved, curved cosmetics of the Air Conditioner Ceiling Assembly depart from the rigid industrial look of other ceiling assemblies. This enhanced design allows for the unit to seamlessly integrate into the décor of any RV. With Advent Air’s sleek new unit, form follows function with the innovative louvered openings. The Air Conditioner Ceiling Assembly provides RVers with versatile new options once installed. This unit is compatible with all of the Advent Air air-conditioners and can be used with the Advent Air analog or digital thermostats. Advent’s extensive product line provides the industry with a broad selection of premium RV appliance solutions including microwaves and refrigerators. These products offer a variety of feature options without sacrificing the durability needed to survive the rigors associated with use over-the-road, making them an ideal choice for the RV market.

Compatibility: Advent Air Conditioners
Type: Ducted
Controller Type: Thermostat
With Remote Control: No
With Mounting Hardware: NO