Aero Blind Spot Mirror MIL-3100

$34.99 $26.99
Brand: Milenco
SKU: MIL-3100

Product Description:

With the Milenco DM-3100 Aero3 blind spot tow mirror, you can safely and efficiently maneuver your vehicle and trailer around traffic, with the advantage of seeing your blind spots. The Dometic Aero3 tow mirror is constructed with chrome glass and a clamping system fitting both flat and curved mirrors. This product has been wind tunnel tested up to 240 MPH, for vibration and security, showing that the clamps are reliable.  MIL-3100

  • Blind Spot Mirror
  • Aero
  • Single
  • Non-Adjustable
  • Wind Tunnel Tested Up To 240 MPH
  • 5 Inch Height x 6 Inch Width
  • Black
  • With Aero Clamping System