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Atwood G6A-8E Direct Spark Ignition 6 Gallon Water Heater 96121 96220

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Brand: Atwood

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Product Description:   G6A-8E - Closeout - Online Only

Dometic/Atwood G6A-8E G6A8E Direct Spark Ignition 6 Gallon Water Heater Aftermarket# 96121 OEM#96220


  • 6 Gallons
  • Uses LP Gas
  • DSI Electronic Ignition
  • Dometic/Atwood Warranty

Atwood water heaters have aluminum clad tanks. This eliminates the need to have the aluminum anode for corrosion protection. 95% of the parts can be replaced or serviced through the outside door. This simplifies service and eliminates the need for service personnel to enter the inside of your coach.

Cut-out dimensions are: 12-5/8" H x 16-1/4" W x 17-5/8"D
Actual dimensions are: 16" W x 12-1/2" H x 18" D

This Atwood Water Heater replaces these Atwood Models: G6A, G6A1, G6A2, G6A3, G6A6, G6A7, G6A7P, GH6, G610, G6A2E, G6A3E, G6A4E, G6A6E, G6A6P, G6A7E, G6A8E
Note: Door sold separately SKU 91386
*Note Atwood=Dometic

Atwood Water Heater Configurations:  Select the parts below for your configuration:

Atwood/Dometic: G= Gas, C=Combo (Gas & 110V), E=DSI, No E = Pilot Model, H= Heat Exchange, First Number in Model Number 6 or 10 = Gallon, Last Number=Series, A=No Meaning

6 Gallon Door: White 91386

10 Gallon Door: White 93995

Atwood ON/OFF Switch: Gas/Electric – White 91230

Drain Plugs & Anode Rod: Drain Plug 91857

Anode Rod (optional) 11553

Butyl Tape: Butyl Tape 88-9021

Add Extra Warranty: 12 Months 1P66

24 Months 2P66

Mud Dauber Screen: Atwood 6, Atwood 10, Suburban 6 - W100

Note: Door, frame kit & indoor switch are sold separately. You MUST purchase both the Water Heater and Door for a complete system! These are sold as separate part numbers. Competing manufacturers assemblies are not interchangeable. To ensure accuracy please text or call one of our parts representatives. Please have your water heater model number ready.