Cable Hatch - Medium Square - White A10-2150VP

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Brand: Valterra
SKU: A10-2150VP

Product Description:  A10-2150VP

Replacement electrical hatch designed for 50 amp cables.  It has a 7.625” x 6.5″ O.D. flange and a 1.5” deep cavity to hold the cable end with a slide window so you can close the door when hooked up.  Installation tape and hardware are included for a consumer friendly installation.  Hatch door can lock with either a key or thumb lock, which are both included.  Requires a 5.875” x 4.75″ cutout.

  • For use with RV electrical cables
  • Accepts up to 50 amp cables
  • Includes installation tape and hardware
  • Key and thumb lock options
  • Hatch door has slide window for door closure while hooked up
  • Dimensions:  7.625″ x 6.5″ x 1.5″
  • Cut-out:  5.875” x 4.75″
  • Access Door
  • Electrical Hatch
  • White
  • Plastic
  • Lockable
  • With Frame/ Door/ Locking Door Latch/ Installation Hardware and Tape