Coleman Mach - Deluxe Ceiling Assembly White 9430D7153 (Non-Ducted)

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Brand: Coleman
SKU: 9430D7153

Product Description: Free Shipping!  9430D7153

Coleman Mach Deluxe Style Ceiling Assembly 9430D7153 for 9000 Series Non-Ducted Air Conditioners looks great with your Coleman Mach Air Conditioner. Because it is a non-ducted ceiling assembly the controls are on the unit, located in the middle.

OMNI-DIRECTIONAL louvers are designed to direct conditioned air downwards into the RV Interior in any direction. When the omnidirectional louvers are closed, conditioned air is directed forward and aft through the front and rear air flow dampers.

  • Operation and Control Knobs are located on the horizontal surface for easy access
  • Low-Profile, EURO Styling provides a contemporary look and feel and covers the existing ceiling imprints when replacing earlier ceiling assembly designs
  • POP-OUT retainer grilles for easy, tool-free access to the washable air filters
  • Electric heat strip ready makes installation a breeze

Ceiling Assembly (9000 Series™)

  • Air Conditioner Ceiling Assembly  9430D7153
  • Non-Ducted System
  • Bottom Discharge Heat Ready Free Delivery Ceiling Assembly
  • White
  • Low Profile
  • With Operation And Control Knobs/ POP-OUT Retainer Grille/ Omnidirectional Louvers/ Electric Heat Strip Ready
  • Control knobs (selector switch & thermostat) mounted on end for best visibility and ease of operation.
  • Designed with a special contour to fit snugly against convex vehicle ceilings.
  • Only two inches thick and weighs just over six pounds.
  • Filter replacement is convenient and easy to perform.
  • 72-0727