Coleman Mach Chille Grill RV Air Conditioner Filter Replacement - 16" x 4" - AC135G

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Brand: RV Air
SKU: 18-5205

Product Description:

AC 135G

16” x 4” Coleman-Mach Non-Ducted and Ducted (ChillGrille) AC Filter Replacement

This RV Air Filter fits 16” x  4” Coleman-Mach non-ducted and ducted (ChillGrille) grill assemblies, or AC units with matching filter dimensions. This filter is 16” L x 4” W x .75” D.


Length: 16 inches, width: 4 inches, .75 inches deep.

CAN THEY BE WASHED OR RINSED?  No, when it comes time to replace the filters, order new ones. You’ll be shocked out much is in those dirty filters. If they get wet, the dust that has built up inside the filters that you can’t see dries and turns into a clump of mud. This is very bad for your AC unit. We can ship to any RV site where mail can be delivered.