Thetford Staytion™ Combination Suction Kit 36700

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Brand: Thetford
SKU: 36700

Product Description:36700

The Thetford Combination pack includes 5 great Staytion products in one great value package! Includes the Storage Staytion PLUS (2) Staytions hooks, (1) sprayer, (1) bar soap holder, and (1) toothbrush holder, each utilizing the amazing Staytion Suction Mount.

  • Toiletries Holder
  • Staytion (TM)
  • Use To Hold Soap Bottles/ Sponges/ Utensils/ Toothbrush/ Bar Soap/ Shower Head/ Hand Sprayer
  • 20 Pounds Holding Capacity
  • Suction Mount
  • White
  • Plastic