About this product

Heat Pump Operation As Low As 25°F

Ensures that any ice buildup on the heat exchanger is cleared by periodically cycling to Auto Defrost. With the reverse cycle defront algorithm, the heat pump can continue to provide supplement heating with outdoor temperatures as low as 25°F

Heat Pump + Furnace

Extends propane usage between 19-38% at 35°F outdoor temperatures.* in heat pump mode the RV's A/C is working in reverse. Heat from the outside is utilized to supplement the furnace. *Based on a propane furnace ranging from 20-40,000 BTU with 75% efficiency

Multiple Heating Modes

3 heating modes available: Heat pump only, Heat pump + furnace, furnace only. Flexible heating modes give RVs more options to configure the ideal comfort setting and also provide the ability to set a preferred automatic setting

Auto Changeover Heat Pump

When outdoor temperatures drop below 25°F, heat mode automatically engages auxiliary heating sources, e.g., an RV furnace (if the RV is so quipped) to provide optimal comfort

High Efficiency RVAC

Using large heat exchangers along with high efficient compressors allow RV owners to install up to 3 AC units on one 50amp equipped RV. In addition, owners can install more electronic equipment without overloading the electrical circuits

Electronic Self Diagnostics

All GEA electronic installations with GEA wall thermostats have built-in self diagnostics, freeze prevention & low voltage detection