DISH Mobile Wireless Access Point 2.0 DN010888

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Brand: Pace
SKU: 10888

Product Description:  DN010888

 Connects up to three Wireless Joey Receivers to the Hopper receiver model with its own wireless network, not impacting the performance of the home network through an ethernet cable.


  • Serves as a wireless access point between one Hopper receiver model and up to three Wireless Joey receivers.
  • Creates its own wireless network that does not impact the performance of a home network.
  • Serves video and data wirelessly to a Wireless Joey.
  • The Wireless Joey Access Point connects via Ethernet cable to a Hopper receiver model. 
  • Requires Hopper DVR sold separately
  • Requires Wireless Joey Receiver(s)


  • Wireless Joey Access Point 2
  • Power Supply
  • 10' Ethernet Cable
  • Important Product Information