Dometic Smartstart AC Accessory - Brisk II 9610004642

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Brand: Dometic
SKU: 9610004642

Product Description: 9610004642

The Dometic SmartStart AC Accessory uses less power during AC start-up


The Dometic SmartStart AC Accessory for RVs reduces AC start-up power demand by as much as 75%. This innovative AC device enables the AC to run on a generator as small as 2,000W, helping to eliminate the need for shore power and making boondocking easy. It also makes it possible to use an inverter in a solar application without faulting. With the SmartStart AC Accessory, RV owners have the option of moving to a smaller generator, saving weight and money while enjoying quieter AC startups at any time of day or night.

  • Lower Start-Up Demand - Less Power Needed
  • Easier to Use Solar Inverter - Makes Boondocking Easier
  • Less Strain on Power - Quieter AC Start-Ups