Enhanced Multi Zone Controller for Furrion HE RV Air Conditioners - 2021132273 FACC12ESHA-BL

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Brand: Furrion
SKU: 2021132273


Product Description: C-FACR15HESA-A01

Lippert Part Number: 2021132287

24 months limited warranty

Enhanced Standard Multi Zone Controller for Furrion Chill® Air Conditioner System with 3 Fan Speed +

Furrion Heat Strip for Manual Control Furrion Air Conditioners - 2021123592 C-FACR15SA-A02

This Multi Zone Controller allows you to effortlessly adjust the temperature in your RV. This controller comes equipped with short-cycle protection which ensures your RV reaches its temperature set-point. Complete your Furrion Chill AC setup with an AC unit, single zone thermostat and air distribution box.

Three fan speeds to reach temperature quickly

Auto fan operation to maintain desired temperature

Easy DIY installation with instructions

Key Features
  • Built-in freeze protection

  • Auto restart for peace of mind
  • Short cycle protection to reach desired temperature
  • Set temperature to 60-86° for max comfort
  • Climatesmart rated to resist damage from temperature fluctuations
  • Vibrationsmart rated to resist wear and tear from road conditions
Input Power: AC 115V and DC 12V
Frequency: 60Hz
Compressor & Condenser Fan: AC 115V/20A
3 Evaporator Fan Motor Relay: AC 115V/5A
Temperature Range: 60°F to 86°F/16°C to 30°C

  • 3 Fan Speeds (high/low)
  • Auto Fan Speed
  • Memory Function
  • Auto Restart


  • 12 x 3.13 x 2.75"
Enhanced Standard Multi Zone Controller Component Compatibility
Air Distribution Box: FACT12CA-PS or FACT12LA-PS
Wall Thermostat: FACW12ESZA-BL

Lippert Part Number: 2021123592

Heat Strip Installation Kit for Furrion Chill Air Conditioner System. Plug & play for manual A/C.

To be used with ceiling assembly FACT11MA-PS OR FACT11CA-PS
    Main Features
    • High Heat
    • High Energy Efficiency
    • Lightweight
    • Climate smart
    • Vibration smart


    • Heating Capacity (W) 1,500W
    • Setting Temperature Range 60 to 86°F (16 to 30°C)
    • Operating Ambient Temperature Range 19 to 86°F (-7 to 30°C)

    Electrical Rating

    • Volts/Hertz 115V~/60Hz/1Ph
    • Power 1,500W
    • Current 14.6A
    • Min. Power Cord Gauge AWG14 (1.6mm2)
    • Length of Power Cord 291/2” (750mm)
    • Type of Connector AMP: 770025-1