Flow Through RV Wash Brush 41960

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Brand: Camco
SKU: 41960

Product Description:

Telescoping handle adjusts from 47 inch up to 74 inch long.

Product Description:  41960

The Camco Wash Brush is a great asset for cleaning your car, truck, boat or RV. It can also be used to clean the siding on a house, porch or any other hard-to-reach areas that may otherwise require a ladder.

Soft bristles effectively lift grime and wash away residue, but won't scratch your vehicle. Telescoping handle easily adjusts to fit your needs, which makes cleaning hard-to-reach places easier. The handle is a lightweight aluminum construction and teardrop shaped, lending increased rigidity over conventional round handles and a more ergonomic design for ease of use.

The wash brush attaches to any standard garden hose and water flows through the handle, controlled by a convenient, easy-to-reach on/off switch. Turn the water on for rinsing, and turn it off for scrubbing! Best of all, the wash head attaches to the handle with a square peg, eliminating aggravating swiveling while in use. Patent pending.

  • Telescoping handle adjusts from 47 inch up to 74 inch long
  • Versatile brush features an 10 inch wide wash head
  • Flow-through handle includes built-in on/off switch for water
  • White bristles help lift dirt and gray bristles help brush it away
  • Wash head won't swivel while in use
  • Car Wash Brush
  • Flow Through Wash Brush
  • With Push Button Handle
  • With Garden Hose Connection
  • Without Soap Dispenser