Furrion Chill® HE Air Conditioner 13,500 BTU - Black 2021130013 FACR13HESA-BL

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Brand: Furrion
SKU: 2021130013


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Product Description: FACR13HESA-BL

Lippert Part Number: 2021130013

24 months limited warranty

The high-efficiency, 13,500-BTU Furrion Chill RV roof air conditioner keeps you cool and comfortable no matter where your adventures take you. The streamlined, aerodynamic design resists air drag and cuts down on fuel costs while looking modern and chic.

Aerodynamically designed and powerful air conditioner for your RV, this unit has been engineered with dual fans to increase cooling efficiency and lower operating noise.

The aerodynamically designed, mid-profile Chill HE RV roof air conditioner by Furrion provides stable temperature control, improved running efficiency and reduced operating noise to meet the demands of any mobile living condition. It is engineered with dual-fan technology to be up to 40% more efficient (EER) over single-fan models. One fan pushes cold air from the compressor into the RV, while the other keeps the primary fan cool. This allows for optimal fan speed, less heat generation and overall increased airflow.

Quick Facts
  • Powerful, high-capacity compressor cools RV down faster
  • High energy efficiency ratio (EER) delivers more BTUs per unit of power
  • Dual fans with optimized speed for quieter operation and less heat generation
  • Aerodynamic, mid-profile design for enhanced style and better gas mileage
  • Durable shroud is securely fastened down to protect AC unit
  • UV-resistant finish for increased longevity
  • Weather-resistant plastic drip pan avoids corrosion and vibrations
  • Climatesmart™ and Vibrationsmart™ to protect against travel conditions
  • Single-zone only has two fan speeds; multi-zone has three speeds and can monitor up to four zones


    This unit does not come with ceiling assembly

    Furrion Chill® Air Conditioner Ceiling Assembly Configurations:  Select the parts below for your configuration:

    Non-Ducted: Ceiling Assembly FACT11CA-PS or FACT11MA-PS

    Heat Strip C-FACR15SA-A02


    Single Zone Only:

    Single Zone Controller FACC10ESSA-BL

    Standard Air Distribution Box FACT12CA-PS

    Enhanced Single Zone Thermostat - Black FACW10ESSA-BL

    Single Zone or Multi Zone:

    Multi Zone Controller FACC12ESHA-BL

    Standard Air Distribution Box FACT12CA-PS OR Premium Air Distribution Box FACT12LA-PS

    Enhanced Multi Zone Thermostat - Black FACW12ESZA-BL

    Heat Strip C-FACR15SA-A02

    Note: You MUST purchase both an Upper Unit and a Ceiling Assembly for a complete system! These are sold as separate part numbers. Competing manufacturers assemblies are not interchangeable. To ensure accuracy please text or call one of our parts representatives. Please have your a/c model number ready.