Furrion Multi Zone Wall Thermostat - Black - 2021130947 FACW12EZA-BL

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Brand: Furrion
SKU: 2021130947


Product Description: FACW12EZA-BL

Lippert Part Number: 2021130947

Previous Number: 2021123794

24 months limited warranty

Furrion CHILL® Multi Zone Wall Thermostat - Black

This multi zone  wall thermostat allows you to effortlessly adjust the temperature in your RV.

This thermostat provides a variety of function and control options. It is equipped with a backlit digital display.

Key Features
  • Control up to 4 Zone
  • Digital LCD Display with Blue Backlight
  • 5 operation modes to ensure optimal cooling
  • Automatic restart after power interruption
Power Supply: DC 12V
Operation Buttons: 9
Temperature Range: 60°F to 86°F/16°C to 30°C
Zone Control: 4
Program Timers: 2