Heavy Duty Wiper Blade - 24"

SKU: 23-2292

Product Description:

The Wiper Technologies Heavy Duty RV Wiper Blades are 24" in length and designed for more demanding RV applications. It features a rugged metal construction and a rubber wiping element for a longer life and consistent, reliable performance. Wiper blades should be checked several times a year and may need to be replaced two or three times. The wipers on your RV maybe particularly vulnerable to damage, due to the fact that the RV sits in storage or exposed to the elements, without the wiper blades moving for long periods of time. Includes adaptors for easy installation onto most wiper arms. Sold Individually
    • WindShield Wiper Blade
    • 24 Inch Length
    • Refer To Wiper Technologies Application Guide For Proper Fitment