Intellitec Battery Disconnect Relay - 01-00055-000

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Brand: Intellitec
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Product Description:

The 01-00055-000 Intellitec Battery Disconnects provide a simple, safe and reliable means of remotely disconnecting 12 Volt or 24 Volt battery systems. These unique latching disconnects designed and manufactured by Intellitec are capable of carrying heavy currents. They require no power to stay open or closed, the Intellitec battery disconnects only draw power during activation. The disconnects are sealed against the environments and are designed to withstand the shock and vibration experienced within commercial vehicles, trailers, coaches bus or boat applications.
The Intellictec Battery Disconnect Relay is at the heart of the battery drain protection system. This system provides a simple and safe means of remotely disconnecting the batteries of an RV or boat. With a touch of a remote switch, the batteries will be completely disconnected, preventing unwanted drain when the RV or boat is put into storage.
This item is a replacement item only. It is not a stand-alone battery disconnect system.
THE RELAY - How it Works
The Battery Disconnect Relay is a mechanically latching switch that operates by the momentary application of battery voltage to the coil terminals in one direction for latching (closed) or the other direction for unlatching (open).
To close the relay, +12 volts is applied to the ""I"" terminal and ground the ""S"" terminal of the relay. When this is done, the plunger is pulled into the coil and the contacts are connected. While this happens, the rod magnet suspended above the plunger is attracted (opposite poles attract) to the top of the plunger by the magnetic field.
When the voltage is removed from the coil, the plunger gets pushed upward by the return spring, but cannot move because the rod magnet is in the way.
To open the relay, +12 volts is applied to the ""S"" terminal and ground on the ""I"" terminal. When this is done, the plunger is again pulled into the coil. However, since the magnetic polarity of the coil is reversed, the rod is repelled (like poles oppose), and swings out of the way.
When the voltage is removed from the coil, the plunger gets pushed upwards by the return spring, breaking the connection between the two large terminals.

There are two 5 Amp fuses for the system, mounted on each relay. Looking at the relay with cap at the top, the fuse on the right feeds the LED indicator and if so equipped, the digital voltmeter. The fuse on the left feeds the power to the switch that operates the solenoid.

Relay Actuation Voltage 10.5 Volts
Continuous Carry Current 100 Amps max.
Short Term Carry Current 500 Amps (30 seconds max.)
  • Battery Disconnect Switch
  • Replacement For Intellitec Part Number 01-00055-010
  • Latching Relay Switch
  • 100 Amp Maximum
  • With Fuses And Screws