LED Bulb - Mulitdirectional Radial Tower - 1157/1157LL/1034 DG52624VP

Brand: Valterra
SKU: DG52624VP

Product Description:  DG52624VP

This LED multidirectional radial tower bulb with BA15D double contact features 13 diodes of 5500 Kelvin or daylight white color scheme with superior 360 degree light output. Replacing 1157, 1157LL, and 1034 bulbs, this LED is recommended for hanging, side mount, and some overhead applications. Approximately 215 lumen output and .19 amp draw.Multi Purpose Light Bulb- LED
  • Multi Purpose Light Bulb- LED;
  • Replacement For 1157/ 1157LL/ 1034 Bulbs With BA15D Double Contact;
  • 13 LED Multidirectional Radial Tower Bulb;
  • Day Light White;
  • 0.19 Amp;
  • Single;
  • Built-In Surge Protection