Norcold Refrigerator Temperature Monitor - 637360

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Brand: Norcold
SKU: 637360

Product Description: 637360

The Norcold 637360 - Refrigerator Cooling Unit Temperature Monitor Control comes with a temperature monitoring control box. The temperature adjuster can shut off the boiler if the temperature gets too high. Users are impressed with the features of the product, ordering the product seems to miraculously rid them of all the problems ailing their refrigerators and cooling agents



  • The product is made to guarantee exceptional reliability
  • The product is designed to meet and exceed all the needs for your RV
  • The product is compatible for 2118/1210 Series
  • The product comes with limit wire
  • The product is also equipped with a thermocouple
  • The product has a weight of 9.6 ounces