Rhino Toilet Chemical Singles 8-4 oz. Bottles 41511

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Brand: Camco
SKU: 41511

Product Description:  41511

  • Waste Holding Tank Treatment; RhinoFLEX (TM); Biological Treatment Used To Break Down Waste and Tissue; Without Formaldehyde; With Deodorant; Pine Scent; Lubricates Sensors; Treats 40 Gallon Holding Tank; 4 Ounce Bottles; Package of 8
  • Features A Bacteria/Enzyme Formula To Digest Waste And Break Down Tissue For Easy Biodegradation
  • Natural Formulation Digests Waste, Tissue, Fats And Proteins. Contains A Buffering Agent To Prevent Acid Formation And Septic Odors
  • Unlike Most Enzyme Treatments, This New Chemistry Provides A Stable Product With A Long Shelf Life That Is Not Temperature Sensitive
  • Activates Only In The Presence Of Material Requiring Digestion. Environmentally Friendly And Biodegradable