RV Screen Door Cross Bar - Deluxe - Black Handles

Brand: Camco
SKU: 42188

Product Description:

RV screen doors can be flimsy and difficult to open, and if you damage your screen they can be expensive to repair or replace. The Camco RV Screen Door Cross Bar not only makes your screen door feel sturdier, but it also helps protect your screen from being torn and punctured by providing an easier grip for exiting. With the constant in and out of RVing, opening the latch can be a pain, and the door oftentimes gets left open. With the Camco cross bar, opening and closing the screen door is effortless. The Camco RV Screen Door Cross Bar extends to fit most RV screen doors and all the hardware is included. It also includes a mounting template to help with installation. Once it is installed, it is durable enough to stay in place and truly last.
  • Screen Door Push Bar
  • Wide Single Bar Style
  • Black 
  • Aluminum Bar With Molded Handles
  • With Installation Hardware