RV Sewer Tank Hydroflush F02-4100

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Brand: Valterra
SKU: F02-4100

Product Description:  F02-4100

This clear 45 Degree Hydroflush sewer hose adapter can clean your holding tank, pipe, valve, and hose the easy way! A water hose connection allows a stream of water into the pipe and tank to break up plugged waste tanks. It fits in tight spaces and includes an anti-siphon valve and internal back-flow preventer.

  • Sewer Hose Reverse Flush Valve;
  • RV Hydroflush;  F02-4100
  • Use To Break Up Plugged Tanks And Clean Tank/ Pipe/ Valve and Drain Hose;
  • With 45 Degree Adapter/ Internal Back-flow Preventer and Removable Anti-Siphon Valve