RV Water Heater Element Wrench Socket - Dual Hex Wrench Removal Tool for Anode Rod X003SD6DCB

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Brand: United RV

Skoutag Dual Hex Wrench Removal Tool for Anode and Water Heater Part Element, 1-1/16 in x 1-1/2 in x 6 in

2 in 1 Hex Wrench - One end size 1-1/16" hex compatible removing all Anode Rod 3/4" NPT

Fits All Residential and RV Camper Travel Trailer Motorhome - One end size 1-1/2" hex compatible removing all residential screw-in water heater elements Camco, GE, Rheem, Rudd, Richmond, Montgomery Ward, Sears/ Ken more, State, Norge, Westinghouse, Reliance, Noland, A.O. Smith, Bradford White, GS Wood, May tag, Whirlpool and Duro-Matic water heaters, some Suburban & Mor-Flo, American, and Craftmaster prior to 1991 and all water heaters manufactured after 1994

High Quality & Strong Material - Features A3 Carbon Steel Galvanized Construction for Corrosion Resistant, and Zinc plated for durability. Cross holes allow you to use a screwdriver, Fits into offsets where an adjustable wrench couldn't be able to reached small space

  • Skoutag dual hex socket wrench removal tool is made of quality Carbon Steel Galvanized, durable and anti-corrosion, specially designed to install or remove screw-in water heater elements and anode rods.
  • One end size 1-1/2" hex, fits most residential screw-in water heater elements.
  • One end size 1-1/16" hex, fits all 3/4" thread anode rods.
  • The 8mm side holes allow a screwdriver, or similar object, to be inserted and used for leverage, meaning you won't damage the bolts or your hands in the process, given much room and space for maintenance your water heater.
  • Servicing the anode and element on your water heater is a must if you want to protect your tank and keep it at its best for years to come, this tube spanner allows you to do regular maintenance water heater easily and not requires any additional tools.