Suburban 12 Gallon Water Heater DSI & 110V SW12DEL 5248A 5148A 5148F

$849.99 $549.99
Brand: Suburban

12 gallon / Gas/Electric

Product Description:

This Suburban water heater gives you plenty of hot water. Suburban Water Heaters are known for their porcelain-lined steel tank and foam insulation that provides for long life. The high-recovery 12,000 BTU/hour units have a large diameter drain and replaceable anode rod. Heated water corrodes most metals, but the porcelain-lined steel tank features a replaceable anode rod that absorbs the destructive, corrosive action of heated water, ensuring that the entire system lasts longer. The anode rod is attached to the drain plug for easy replacement. This water heater features Direct Spark ignition and an electric element to recover an additional 6 gallons/hour at the campsite.

Cut-out dimensions are: 16-3/8" high, 16-3/8" wide, 22-1/4" deep.

SW12DEL, 5248A, OEM# 5148A or 5148F

  • Type: LP Gas/ Electric 
  • Portable: No
  • Capacity: 12 Gallon
  • Ignition Type: Electronic Ignition
  • Wattage Rating: 1440 Watt
  • BTU Level: 12000 BTU
  • Depth (IN): 22-1/4 Inch
  • Width (IN): 16.218 Inch
  • Height (IN): 16.218 Inch
  • With Switch: NO
  • With Access Door: No
  • Porcelain-Lined Steel Tank For Long Life
  • Replaceable Anode Rod Provides Further Corrosion Protection
  • FAST Recovery Rate: Fast Recovery Means More Hot Water And Fewer Cool Water Cycles
  • Convenient Exterior Gas Line Connection
  • One-Piece, Die-Formed Metal Control Housing Protects Controls From The Weather
  • Copolymer Insulation Jacket Specially Fitted To The Tank To Retain Heat
  • Limited 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Water Heater
  • Electric
  • Model Number SW12DEL
  • 12 Gallon
  • Direct Spark Ignition
  • 12000 BTU
  • 16-7/32 Inch Height x 16-7/32 Width x 22-1/4 Inch Depth
  • With 12 Volt Relay

      *Door, frame kit & indoor switch not included, sold separately.

      Suburban Water Heater Configurations:  Select the parts below for your configuration:

      Suburban: SW=Suburban Water Heater, D=DSI, E=110V Electric, L=Relay, M=Heat Exchange, P=Pilot

      6 Gallon Door: White 6261APW

      Black 6261AEB

      White Flush Mount 6255APW

      Black Flush Mount 6255AEB

      10, 12, 16 Gallon Door: White Flush Mount 6259APW

      Black Flush Mount 6259AEB

      Suburban D & DE ON/OFF Switches: Switch – Black 232229

      Switch – White 233495

      Switch – Cream 232795

      Suburban DEL ON/OFF Switch: Switch – White 232882

      Anode Rod: Suburban 11563

      Butyl Tape: Butyl Tape 88-9021

      Add Extra Warranty: 12 Months 1P66

      24 Months 2P66

      Mud Dauber Screen: Atwood 6, Atwood 10, Suburban 6 - W100

      Suburban 6 Gallon Flush Mount Water Heaters - W600

      Suburban 10 and Suburban 12 - W200

      Note: Door, frame kit & indoor switch are sold separately. You MUST purchase both the Water Heater and Door for a complete system! These are sold as separate part numbers. Competing manufacturers assemblies are not interchangeable. To ensure accuracy please text or call one of our parts representatives. Please have your water heater model number ready.