Sunbelt Sink Trap White 1-1/2 Inch Slip Joint BV1B/UB11/2

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Brand: Sunbelt
SKU: 69-5288

Sunbelt Sink Trap BV1B/UB11/2

HEPVO is a self sealing valve designed to close the waste connection below a sanitary fixture to prevent the escape of foul sewer air into the dwelling. HEPVO unlike conventional waste traps, does not rely on trapped water to create a seal. Water seals are prone to failure by Evaporation, Siphonage and other mechanisms. Instead, uses a self sealing membrane which performs the same function as a water seal trap but without the risk of depletion or freezing. The Sanitary Waste Valve means enhanced plumbing design and system efficiency, without compromising performance or risking the escape of foul air into the living space from the drain or sewer.

Type: Straight Valve
Inlet Attachment: Slip Joint
Inlet Size: 1-1/2 Inch
Outlet Attachment: Slip Joint
Outlet Size: 1-1/2 Inch
Color: White
With Mounting Hardware: No


  • Waterless - No Need For Trap Primer
  • Admits Air - Auxiliary Venting Not Required
  • Designed To Close The Waste Connection Below A Sanitary Fixture To Prevent The Escape Of Foul Sewer Air Into The Dwelling
  • Unlike Conventional Waste Traps, Does Not Rely On Trapped Water To Create A Seal
  • Provides Enhanced Plumbing Design And System Efficiency, Without Compromising Performance Or Risking The Escape Of Foul Air Into The Living Space From The Drain Or Sewer