Trailhead Step Rugs 17.5 Inch 3 Piece Obsidian Black 2-0242

$72.99 $51.99
Brand: Prestofit
SKU: 2-0242

Product Description: 

Fits MORryde StepAbove 3 Step (STP-3-24-30H & STP-3-24-21H)

 RV step rugs help keep your RV clean and help prevent slips and falls. Most people do not want to spend their time at the campsite constantly sweeping and mopping their floors from traffic going in and out of the RV. Before you buy an RV step cover, Think about what problems it can solve for you. Looking at the advantages can help! Here are a few of their top benefits. 

Adds Grip for Humans and Pets

slipping on RV steps is a problem for both human campers and their furry counterparts. Pets and humans can fall unnecessarily if there are no grips on the steps. Adding RV step rugs reduces the risk of slipping, even in the rain or snow. 


Prevents Dirt Tracking

 While we all love the great outdoors, we want to keep it outdoors! It’s often an ongoing battle to keep dirt and mud off the floor. There are far better things to do than sweeping the RV entryway yet again. RV step rugs catch some of that dirt and mud, keeping it where it belongs outside the RV. 


 Everyone with a travel trailer, 5th wheel, toy hauler, or motorhome most likely has RV entry steps these days.  The steps consistently face outdoor elements, and they can rust or become damaged. These steps will need the protection of external RV step rugs. 

These Prest-O-Fit step rugs are perfect for RVs that have a two-step, three-step or four-step entry step system leading into their RV.   The step rugs are UV protected to ensure they will remain in good condition for years to come.

Most importantly, step rugs can prevent slipping.  If the outdoor RV steps get wet or dewy, step covers will provide grip to prevent falls.