TravlFi Journey XTR Mobile 4G LTE Router and Wi-Fi Extender W/Vsim Technology 700-011

$329.99 $299.99
Brand: Pace
SKU: 700-011

Product Description: 

Introducing The TravlFi™ JourneyXTR 4G/LTE Router & Wi-Fi Extender 

The TravlFi™ JourneyXTR empowers RV travelers to solve next-level connectivity needs by offering a multi-carrier 4G/LTE router and Wi-Fi extender. Engineered with the same great TravlFi service, the XTR uses VSIM technology to acquire the best signal among all major carriers. 

Journey XTR Features

  • 2 high-gain MIMO LTE antennas and Category 7 LTE modem capable up speeds up to 300Mbps
  • 4 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi antennas capable of connecting up to 32 separate devices
  • SIM free, but has an expandable, physical SIM slot for additional flexibility if needed
  • Compatible with external LTE antenna & can connect to local Wi-Fi sources
  • Plugs into A/C power outlet

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