Universal Exterior RV Ladder LA-401

$399.99 $299.99
SKU: 05-0413

Product Description:  LA-401

The Universal RV Ladder can fit on the rear of any RV - straight or recessed. The rugged construction keeps you safe when going up to do maintenance on the roof or just hanging your chairs on the ladder as you travel to the next camp site.

All ladders include mounting hardware.

CAUTION: All screws connecting the ladder to the RV must be fastened to the RV’s sub frame or backing. If you are uncertain if your RV has backing installed, contact your RV manufacturer to confirm.  It is unsafe to use a ladder that is not connected to the RV’s backing or sub frame.

Please note: To maintain the recommended 12" spacing between treads, ladder must be trimmed to 92.5" as shown in the Ladder Dimensions PDF below.  If you wish to utilize the additional 15" of upright tubing provided, you will need to purchase an additional tread.

  • Color:  Silver
  • Universal Outdoor RV
  • 7.70 Foot
  • 7 Steps
  • Mounts On Roof
  • 11 Inch Base Width
  • With Mounting Hardware