Water Heater - Electrode Probe Assembly 93868

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Brand: Dometic
SKU: 93868

Product Description:  93868

The Atwood 93868 is a local sense electrode spark probe for Atwood water heaters. 

This part is associated with ALL Electronic (DSI) Atwood Water Heater Model Series: G6A-2E; G6A-3E; G6A-6E; G6A-7E; G6A-8E G9-EXT; G10-1E; G10-2E; G10-3E; G16-EXT; GC6A-7E; GC6A-8E; GC6AA-10E; GC6AA-7E; GC6AA-8E; GC6AA-9E; GC10A-2E; GC10A-3E; GC10A-4E; GCH6A-10E; GCH6A-7E; GCH6A-8E; GCH6A-9E; GCH10A-2E; GCH10A-3E; GCH10A-4E; GE9-EXT; GE16-EXT; GH6-6E; GH6-7E; GH6-8E.
    • Water Heater Electrode
    • For Atwood Electronic Ignition Water Heaters
    • Spark Probe
    • Single Sense