Water Heater - Relay Service Kit 93849

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Brand: Dometic
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Product Description:  93849

110V Relay Service Kit for Atwood water heater models: GCH6A-10E, GC6AA-10, GC10A-4E, and GCH10A-4E.

Water Heater Gas Valve

Runs on a 12V input switching a 110V supply to the electric element when the thermostat opens.
  • Atwood 12V Water Heater Relay
  • Replacement For Atwood Water Heaters GHC6A-10E/ GC6AA-10A/ GC10A-4E/ GCH10A-4E/ XT Series
  • 110 Volt
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Made in the USA.
    Dometic™ (Atwood) 93849 Water Heater Element Power Relay
    This is a replacement power relay for your Atwood water heater. When the switch for Electric is turned on, power is sent from the board to the yellow wire. The yellow wire carries DC voltage to the relay in the back of the water heater. The 12 volt energizes the relay which sends the 110V AC to the element.
    RV Mechanic Notes
    If you have no power passing through the relay. Check the breakers and fuses related to the water heater in your distribution panel. Confirm AC power is present. Confirm DC power is present through the yellow wire from the board. Check the AC power to the element, if there is no power, replace the relay. If there is power to the element but no heat, replace the element.
    Compatible with:
    GCH6A-10E, GC6AA-10E, GC10A-4E, GCH10A-4E
    Dometic Tech Support (800) 366-3842