Y-Adapter - Amp up! - 30A Female - 240/5A Male - 44670

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SKU: 44670

Product Description:  44670

One 50A 120/240V straight blade female receptacle
Two 30A 120V straight blade male plugs

Config Listed
  • Plugs into a 30A outlet on separate circuits to provide a 240V/50A service outlet
  • Allows full use of RV appliances
  • Easy-T-Pull™ plug handles
  • Only use with RVs equipped with breakers
  • Power Cord Adapter
  • Amp Up (TM)
  • Use To Provide 50 Amp Service For Use Of Air Conditioners And Appliances When Only 30 Amp Service Is Available
  • Y-Type
  • One 50 Amp Straight Blade Female Receptacle And Two 30 Amp Straight Blade Male Plugs
  • Not For Use With GFI Outlets
  • Polarized For Use With RV's Only
  • 27 Inch Length
  • With Lighted End
  • With T-Pull Handle

NOTE: The Amp-Up! Y-Adapter is not a protective device and the connected RV will not be protected from damage should an open neutral or surge develop during the course of operation.